Service #1

Saddle fitting service.
Main service is supplying and fitting new and used saddles.
The basic price is £65 per visit within my usual travelling area.
Extra horses are £30 each if visited on the same day at the same stable yard. (e.g.  5 horses £46 each)

When I speak with you, prior to visiting I need information about the rider (Height, if youngster then age etc.) The type of riding the saddle to be used for.
Also the style of saddle, if new or used, leather or synthetic. Colour preferred, and the budget that I am going to work towards.
The horse shape, and if any back issues or saddle fitting problems. 
All the information helps me to have the chance to bring the correct selection of saddles with me.
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Service #2

Saddle checking and adjusting service.
Mostly this service is going to be with your existing saddle or one that you have acquired elsewhere but now needs fitting to your animal.
The price is £85 which includes the on-site work that I am able to do. That may be widening or narrowing a saddle, perhaps changing a gullet plate. (Supplying is extra) Using Bates/Wintec inserts (Again supplying these is extra.)
Working of adjustments to the wool flocking. Adding or removing wool is the most common job, so as to have the saddle lying comfortably on your horse or pony's back.
Again £30 per extra horse if visited at the same premises on the same visit. 

Saddles that need stiching or full re-flocking are sent to or taken to Parnaby's saddlery shop in 64 Wheelgate, Malton North Yorkshire.  01653 693070. Some people prefer to use a saddler that they already know, which is fine.
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Service #3

Just Supplying saddles.

Because some people live too far away from me or they prefer to use their own saddle fitter or they may be quite capable of knowing if a saddle fits their horse by themselves, then I am happy to just supply from either my stock or from Parnaby's range of saddles. This can be either second hand or new saddles. 
Even new made to measure can be supplied as long as I am given the templates and measurements needed. This can be talked though so that a good fit is obtained for both horse and rider.
I do prefer doing my own measurements when having saddles made to measure though.

A few second hand saddles will be listed on this site but it takes quite a long time to get them photographed and written up so they will be mainly samples. 
Please call me, for your requirements. 
 Paul Wiles 01548 934357

All your other needs like girths, leathers, irons, bridles and horse clothing along with riding and outdoor clothes can be purchaed from Parnaby's.
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